Your precision CNC machinery should fit your requirements precisely.

Sometimes, a CNC machine is perfect right from the start. But if you have jobs that require very specific processes, you need to alter that machine to make it as efficient as possible. Finding the accessories you need in one location makes your entire operation more efficient. That’s why Hopkins Machinery is an authorized distributor for many of the main CNC Machinery accessories available on the market today.  Let us recommend low cost options to help you increase your productivity with the right accessory for the job.

Workholding can be a complex. But with our knowledge base, and access to extensive inventories of workholding accessories and components, we can help you navigate the workholding process.   

Tooling is the exemplification of “The right tool for the right job.” But with many choices of tooling accessories available today, choosing the right product can be difficult. Call us to provide you with custom tailored solutions for your specific application.

Rotary Tables can add flexibility to any machine.  By adding a 4th or 5th axis rotary table to a milling machine in any sort of work setting provides several advantages to machine work. Having more axes to work with gives milling machine users more precision and accuracy, without having to change positions of the part being machined.  Also, additional axes prove to make any milling machine more diverse in the work it is capable of doing.  A 4th or 5th axis rotary table, in general, can provide more precision and ease to a complex design, reducing time and costs for the production of a certain piece, especially if you cannot afford a new 5 axis machining center.  Call Hopkins Machinery to help you find the right rotary table for your application at the right price.

Probing Systems save money.  Time is money. Time spent manually setting workpiece positions and inspecting finished product is better invested in machining. Probing systems eliminate the costly machine downtime and component scrapping that is associated with manual settings and inspections. Scrapping parts is always painful – it’s a waste of time, effort and materials, leading to late deliveries and overtime. Hopkins Machinery can offer a diverse range of options.

Bar Feeds increase productivity. A barfeed is an optional piece of support equipment that allows bar stock to be automatically loaded into a CNC lathe, greatly increasing productivity. The feeder is attached to the headstock with a lathe adapter and filled with bars that then move through into the work area. More advanced bar feeders can be filled with stock and left unattended so that a CNC turning center can operate unattended for an entire shift or more.

The most basic purpose of the bar feeder is to keep an operator from having to constantly monitor and feed stock into a machine. When a bar feeder is used, that operator is free to do other tasks. Furthermore, each process can be completed faster since loading is now automated. Bar feeders will differ in size and capacity, both in terms of footprint and the diameter and type of stock they will support. It is important to find the right bar feeder for your project.  Let Hopkins Machinery help you select the right barfeed for your machine.

High Pressure Coolant Systems:  1,000 PSI coolant delivery systems are a standard option on most high-tech machines. Could you benefit using high pressure coolant on your machine? With high-pressure cooling, the coolant effectively removes heat generated by the cutting process before it can accumulate and increase temperatures to the point at which tooling and workpiece surfaces are damaged.  With traditional flood cooling, which delivers coolant at low pressures, the high performance levels of modern machine tools generate so much heat that the coolant is heated beyond its boiling point and creates a blanket of vapor that insulates the cutting zone from the coolant. That reduces the coolant’s ability to remove heat.  High-pressure, high-velocity coolant eliminates the vapor barrier so the heat generated is removed effectively at a high rate.  Chip control is critical to productivity.  Let Hopkins Machinery find a High Pressure Coolant system for you.

Air Filtration is a good idea when using CNC Machines.  CNC dust and mist collector equipment provides many manufacturing advantages including improvement of component quality and work center efficiency. CNC-based mist and dust collectors are applied in a broad range of industries and processes and are particularly common on the machining processes involving metals, plastics, composites or other base materials.

Some of the key benefits gained from using CNC dust and mist collectors include protecting worker health, reduced exhaust air in recirculated conditioned air, extended machine life, reduced operational costs through reclamation of lubricants, improved part / product quality, reduced housekeeping costs and compliance with even the strictest federal, state and local environmental standards.

While you can get many accessories directly, why not have advice before you buy and since we get a discount, you can get a discount, why go direct?

Hopkins Machinery is happy to represent (but not limited) to the following exceptional CNC machine accessory product lines:

Abbott, Alberti Live Tools, Algra, ATS Workholding, Big Kaiser, Breuning, Brinkmann, Buck Chuck, Chemetall, Chick, ChipBlaster, CoolJet Systems, Daikin, Dunham, Edge, Erowa, Exsys Eppinger, Fanuc, Fastems, Forkardt, Gerardi, Gosiger, Grundfos, Hainbuch, Heidenhain, hennig, IEMCA/Bucci, Index, Ingersoll, Iscar, ITI, Jergens, Jorgensen, Kitagawa, KME CNC, Kurt, Latham, LNS, Losma, Lyndex-Nikken, M&H Probing Systems, MAM, Marposs, May, Mayfran, MD Tooling, Mikro BK, Mitsubishi, Northfield, Parlec, Renishaw, Royal Products, Samchully, Sankyo, Schunk, Sentry, Shars, SMW Systems, TecNara, Titan, Tombstone City, Torit, Troyke, Tsudakoma – Koma Precision, Turbo, Waldmann Lighting and Walrus, among others.