Preventative Maintenance

When it comes to your CNC machinery, downtime is money down the drain.  Hopkins Machinery offers preventative maintenance contracts to ensure downtime comes when YOU schedule it, not when something goes wrong.  We can help keep your equipment operational by identifying worn or damaged parts, loose or misaligned components, or other potential fail points to keep you up and running.

With our Annual Service Contract, we check all this (2) times per year:

  • Drawbar tension
  • Spindle operation, bearings
  • Flow Valve Operation
  • Way & Wiper seals
  • Gibs, Backlash, Travel
  • Air Leaks, Oil leaks
  • Burned out lights
  • Damaged Keypads, switches
  • Level and tram
  • Fluid Levels
  • Filters and fans, cleaned
  • Change oils / filters

Please email to request a service contract, please include Machine Make, Machine Model, Serial Number and Machine Model Year for each machine you wish to cover.