Yama Seiki

The word “Yama” means mountain, or peak, in Japanese.  “Seiki” means precision machinery.  In the machine tool world, Yama Seiki means precision machines with peak performance, quality and value.

Yama Seiki belongs to a group of companies headed by Mr. Edward Yang, who is the President of Goodway Machine Corp. and Awea Mechantronic Co.  In cooperation, Goodway and Awea have over 50 years experience in manufacturing high quality machine tools.  Both companies are very well recognized worldwide, Goodway for turning and Awea for milling.

All Yama Seiki machines are based on the latest Japanese technology and components.  Turning centers are manufactured at Goodway and machining centers at Awea under strict ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 regulations.

All machines are loaded with standard features and accessories that are either not available or costly options found on other machines.

Yama Seiki produces over 3,000 CNC turning and machining centers of various sizes annually for the world market.

Yama Seiki turning and machining centers are divided into several performance levels to meet your application and budget requirements.  Only machine performances and specification are separated into different levels, all Yama Seiki machines boast the same high quality workmanship, reliability and accuracy.

Vertical Machining Centers